She Thought Jesus Was the Gardener

Mary Magdalene thought the resurrected Jesus was the gardener.  The Gardener, whose job is to raise up new growth from a lifeless seed.  The Gardener, whose job is to call forth new life out of the darkness of dirt.  Perhaps Mary wasn’t wrong.  Perhaps she was seeing Jesus’ true identity. The Gardener of the original … Continue reading She Thought Jesus Was the Gardener

All Saints Day

I light the candleremembering honoring missingJohnnyJackBettyJohnFayeTisaAdelaideOwenMikeRoyDon.I light the candle and seemyself in the dancing flame -the simmering embers of griefthe warmth of remembered lovethe sizzling burn of angerat Death, whoTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakes.So I light the candle and stare down Death.I will not flicker or flinch or fade.For the light shines in the darkness,Life is kindled from Death,and … Continue reading All Saints Day

Here is your reminder to breathe.

I didn’t tend. I didn’t water, or fertilize, or weatherize. I did prune - once. And yet it blooms. I look at these roses before me, bigger than my hand, and wonder how such beauty can blossom from such human negligence. “I planted the seed,” Paul ruminated, “and Apollos watered, but it is God who … Continue reading Here is your reminder to breathe.

How Do You Draw God?

Credit: picture taken from “Love Poems From God” translated and compiled by Daniel Ladinsky. I can’t shake this poem from Meister Eckhart. How many of our coloring books depict a clucking “tsk tsk” tongue, below beady eyes that can’t hide their disappointment? How many pages are scribbled with the red of hatred or vengeance or … Continue reading How Do You Draw God?

Fear Is Not My Friend

It feels like a shield of armor. Listen to me, and you'll be safe. It feels like a strong bodyguard. I'm here to protect you.  It feels like a trustworthy friend. Stick with me, and you'll be fine. Let's face it, Fear is appealing.  Addictive, maybe.  We don't want to leave home without it.  We … Continue reading Fear Is Not My Friend

My “Me Too” Was For You: A Letter To Our Children

Dear Little Ones (For When You Are Not-So-Little-Anymore), Right now you are in my daughter’s preschool class, coloring and learning and being her friend. Or you are a stranger swinging next to her at the park, pumping your legs back and forth and enjoying the thrill of rising high and swinging back.  You are largely … Continue reading My “Me Too” Was For You: A Letter To Our Children