All Saints Day

I light the candleremembering honoring missingJohnnyJackBettyJohnFayeTisaAdelaideOwenMikeRoyDon.I light the candle and seemyself in the dancing flame -the simmering embers of griefthe warmth of remembered lovethe sizzling burn of angerat Death, whoTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakesTakes.So I light the candle and stare down Death.I will not flicker or flinch or fade.For the light shines in the darkness,Life is kindled from Death,and … Continue reading All Saints Day

The Memories We Hold

When my grandfather died my mom and her siblings sat us cousins down and instructed us to write down one item we would like to have from our grandparents' house to remember them by. I didn't even have to think about it. I instantly scribbled “Copper Pot” and that is how it came to live … Continue reading The Memories We Hold