Lunchbox Notes…from God

I slip a napkin note into my kids’ lunchboxes every day.  Sometimes the note is as simple as a smiley face, other times I write silly jokes, but most of the time I write some version of: “I love you just the way you are.” When that time of day rolls around for my girls … Continue reading Lunchbox Notes…from God

(Never) Enough Time

Are we enslaved to Time?  Must we march to its relentless rhythm, powerless as prisoners shuffling on and on under the watchful eye of such a dispassionate guard? This week I ticked off milestones, one after another.  My six and eight-year-old daughters returned to school, growing up ever so slightly with every passing day.  We … Continue reading (Never) Enough Time

To Create is Divine

To create is to connect with the Divine. It never fails to amaze me when I consider the endless variety of creation. The infinite shades of blue that make up the earth’s waters. The intricate, minuscule details that adorn a tiny insect’s body. The spectrum of emotions we humans feel and the bodily responses that … Continue reading To Create is Divine

Some Days You Gotta Play

It’s one of the first languages we learn.  The language of climbing and chasing, swinging and sliding.  Of cartwheeling past fireflies, somersaulting to joy, embracing the slow fade to twilight, the end of the day.  Play is how children learn to live in this world and interact with one another.  It’s the gateway into science … Continue reading Some Days You Gotta Play

Here is your reminder to breathe.

I didn’t tend. I didn’t water, or fertilize, or weatherize. I did prune - once. And yet it blooms. I look at these roses before me, bigger than my hand, and wonder how such beauty can blossom from such human negligence. “I planted the seed,” Paul ruminated, “and Apollos watered, but it is God who … Continue reading Here is your reminder to breathe.

How To Find Your Purpose: A Poem

Your life is bigger than you think. Stretching arms wide as its Maker, it strains to hold the abundance of God within you. You say you seek purpose. I say: seek the living imprints of God on your soul, and you’ll find what you need. Look for slivers of love and passion, justice and longing, … Continue reading How To Find Your Purpose: A Poem

How Do You Draw God?

Credit: picture taken from “Love Poems From God” translated and compiled by Daniel Ladinsky. I can’t shake this poem from Meister Eckhart. How many of our coloring books depict a clucking “tsk tsk” tongue, below beady eyes that can’t hide their disappointment? How many pages are scribbled with the red of hatred or vengeance or … Continue reading How Do You Draw God?

In Search of a Cure for “Busy”

As a kid I was fascinated by anthills.  I would hunker down by a busy one and watch the ants go marching one by one, hurrying with their load so they can deposit it only to turn around and do it all over again.  I wondered what it would be like to be part of … Continue reading In Search of a Cure for “Busy”