I Have Calmed and Quieted My Soul (Psalm 131)

Abba Father,

like my girl

quietly playing with her toys

while I sit nearby

book in my lap,

and she looks up at me,

eyes alight with wonder,


“Look, mama!”

wanting me to see

the spectacular discovery before her

of how colors of clay blend

in her kneading hands –

and I smile and say,


as if it’s the 8th wonder of the world,

and she is the brave explorer who discovered it,

simply because I love her

and I want her to find


and confidence

and purpose

in sharing her life with me…


Like her, Abba,

let me quietly


and parent,

and lead,

and live

at your feet,

in the peaceful security of your presence,

discovering the wonder divinely entwined

in the mundane,

in the puzzling,

yes, even in the frustrating,

“Look, Abba!”

eyes alight,

let me show you what I’ve found,

or created,

or mended,

or on bad days, broken,

smile at me, O Lord,

I beg of You,

and remind me that

You love me,

and you want to share Your Life –

Your joy

Your confidence

Your purpose

with me,

who, at the end of the day,

is nothing but





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